Arirang Master Designation Program

  • The Arirang Master Designation Program is a celebration of the exceptional achievements of high-level artists in the realm of intangible cultural heritage, aiming to increase awareness of their contributions. Originally titled "Gugak Master" in traditional performance and musical instrument craft, the project underwent a rebranding to "Arirang Master" to expand its scope beyond traditional music and instruments, encompassing a more comprehensive range of intangible cultural heritage domains. This strategic shift provides a platform for artists to showcase their works and artistic talents, fostering global exchanges.
  • Based on the relevant Program Guide adopted by the International Advisory Group(IAB), the Arirang Master Designation is aligned with the spirit of the 1980 Recommendation on the Status of Artists and the 2003 UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage. It aims to revitalize and perpetuate the living heritage of Arirang, a significant aspect of Korean traditional culture. Notably, it carries the spirit of the UNESCO Arirang Prize, which was bestowed multiple times by UNESCO and the Government of the Republic of Korea in the early 2000s as part of the UNESCO program to recognize masterpieces of intangible cultural heritage.
  • The initiative, inaugurated in April 2023, led to the designation of Arirang Masters by the IAB. These designations serve as recognition for outstanding individuals in the field and contribute to the promotion and preservation of intangible cultural heritage on a global scale.

How to Participate: Arirang Master Designation Program and Its Nomination Process

  • Your participation in the Arirang Master Designation Program is warmly welcomed—an esteemed initiative aimed at recognizing and honoring exemplary practitioners of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) within your respective countries. Overseen by the International Advisory Board (IAB) of Culture Masters, this program celebrates Arirang Culture for its viability and creativity as a UNESCO-designated intangible cultural heritage of humanity. It aims to boost the recognition of artists and communities in the ICH field.
  • Prior to submission, you are requested to consult with the IAB member in your country or the IAB member in the same region to ensure adherence to the program guidelines and requirements. See the International Advisory Board Members: International Advisory Board Members.
  • Please find the Arirang Master Designation Program Guide and Official Nomination Form for your reference as attached.